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Weddings on the Island of Hvar – Croatia

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Weddings Hvar Croatia

Wedding venues under the sunniest sky of Croatian coast

How can something so tiny be so magnificent? Well, the island of Hvar shows us how it’s done in only 297 square kilometers. Compared to other world famous resorts, Hvar is as small as Croatia compared to Russia… And yet, we Croatian football team won hosts of the Wolrd Cup a few weeks ago, and we promise, Hvar will win your heart as well.

The nature of wilderness, rich cultural heritage preserved in port town’s 13th-century walls, and last but not least, unique wedding venues – all-inclusive offer for your dream wedding!
The beauty of Hvar is not a current gossip or an instant vacation spot that will be forgotten after a few years. Oh no, Hvar is a lot more. The island of Hvar is a place where you wish to come back or even stay forever.
The island of Hvar is a place to get down on your knee, the island of Hvar is a place to say „Yes“. This shell of the Adriatic is a place for your unforgettable wedding celebration.
Speaking of venues for your Hvar wedding, Bonj Les Bains is one of our suggestion. This exclusive cliffside wedding venue is proclaimed as one of the hottest beach clubs in Europe. What is so special about Bonj beach and Bonj Les Bains wedding venue?
First of all, the most beautiful wedding setting shackled in white stone collonades is a must have for your beach wedding. Moreover, the venue that is placed by the private sea with a most romantic view on the open Adriatic azure will amaze you and your guests. Also, for your wedding beach party, Bonj Les Bains takes care of delicious Italian and seafood and professional service, and to the pre and post wedding stress, there is a luxurious spa for you and your better half! Check out their website and search for your perfect wedding packages to make your Croatian wedding dream come true.

The best way to express the attractiveness of Bonj Les Bains is to use the words of amazed guests:
„Just perfect! Beautiful hotel, a gorgeous venue for a wedding reception – we’ll definitely visit again.“

Maki & Jason -Bonj Les Bains from Dubrovnik Weddings on Vimeo.

Did you know that the island of Hvar offers more than 600 hundred hotels? And of course, we did not leave you with only one venue to pick for your Hvar wedding so you won’t have any problem to accommodate your guests. After partying all night, you have to sleep somewhere all day, right? 😊

Next on our suggestion list is Hvar Grand Beach Resort – Amfora. Gorgeous Amfora resort is located only 10 minutes walk from the city of Hvar with an astonishing, romantic view of the Paskalini islands. The resort offers a lot of special packages including 5 nights break, family, trendy or romance. Indeed, Amfora has absolutely beautiful exterior perfect for outdoor weddings – pool area designed with waterfalls and Mediterranean gardens, lots of romantic lights and of course exclusive restaurant and bar. It has everything that perfect, summerish wedding requires.


If you fancy the feeling of the old city center and promenade more than natural surroundings, Hvar’s spa boutique hotel Adriana is the right choice for you. Completely renovated in 2018, this uniquely designed hotel meets everyone’s wishes. Sensori spa facilities and treatments, Top Bar immersed in panoramic views of harbor and city, luxuriously designed rooms and suites with a sea view are just a piece of Adriana’s wedding potentials. Not to mention that within Adriana hotel there is a Val Marina restaurant where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Diet of the island of Hvar which is on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage! In Adriana, you really don’t have to worry about a fantastic wedding dinner, right?
The last of our suggestions is actually closed for the summer season 2018. So, why are we even mentioning it, you might think. Well our dear readers and future brides and grooms, Hotel Palace is undergoing a complete renovation. In 2019, hotel Palace will be one of the top luxurious hotels on the whole Croatian Adriatic Coast. The history of this hotel goes all the way back to 1896 when the Empress Elisabeth of Vienna was so impressed with the island of Hvar and decided to build the iconic Palace hotel right in the middle of the old city center. To describe it with one word, this hotel is already gracious, and after renovation, we do not have any doubt it will be a top venue for the most glamorous Hvar weddings. Planning a wedding for the summer season of 2019? Here it is..


Wedding ceremony in St. Mark’s Church

As we mentioned earlier, planning a wedding on the island of Hvar is great because this island has it all. For more traditional couples who seek to say yes in a church, the island of Hvar offers a historical St. Mark’s Church that was first mentioned back in 1312. A wonderful thing about the wedding ceremony in St. Mark’s Church is that the venue lies directly under the open, shiny sky with thousands of stars amazingly visible by night. Also, a beautiful church tower will make your ceremony photos look like they were take in a fairy-tale!
Saint Mark's Church hvar

The wedding celebration in a restaurant? DiVino restaurant! Magical venue with a romantic view of the Hvar archipelago Pakleni Islands, impressive gastronomy and exclusive wine offer. The DiVino restaurant can boast with limited edition and superb wines as they are always looking for new winegrowers and little producers – wines to get you drunk in love. DiVino restaurant is a wonderful combination of everything that the island of Hvar offers for its guests.
Worrying about your wedding photos? Thinking of who will handle your wedding video, where will you find a wedding photographer, how to contact Hvar photographers? Thinking of One Day Studio? You’re right, this is when we enter the scene!
Guess what, we also prepared a breathtaking location for your wedding album! The highest peak of the island of Hvar, St. Nicholas is only 15 minutes driving from the city center, and the view you will get there for your wedding pictures cannot be described with words. When you get so amazed with a view and wish it could be included in your wedding video for all your family and friends to see it back home, we cover that as well! Aerial footage Hvar will definitely be a part of your dreamy wedding video. Check it out what we’ve done on the peek of Hvar!
Accommodation, restaurants, nature…how about tours and partying? Yes, Hvar has it all covered! Hvar offers a great number of beautiful boat excursions to neighboring islands such as Šolta, Vis, Brač, Korčula. Also, this island has a lot of festivals and a great nightlife vibe for all of your guests wishing to dance until sunrise. Hotels we suggested are all a part of Sunčani Hvar hotel company which offers you to experience Hvar from every angle – skydiving, bike and wine tasting tour, cooking class in the lavender village, boat renting, exploring caves…So you can just go to your hotel reception and book a day full of adventures! Hvar is an island for everyone.
Still having doubts about your Hvar wedding?
Even though you may not have your own love story written on this island, Hvar opens its hands as the humblest host accepting couples that seek to have their love celebrated in its garden. This island has more UNESCO heritage than any island in the world, and with its rich history, luxurious accommodation offer and wonderful wedding venues, Hvar is a perfect location for everyone who wishes to have their wedding dream come true.