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Weddings in Dubrovnik

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Weddings in Dubrovnik | The air, the sea, the clouds… everything is different and special in town of Dubrovnik, like the romance is all around the town and it makes Dubrovnik as a perfect place for a perfect wedding. Let’s face it – even the bad weather cannot spoil the good time people have in this town! So, why not think of the wedding in Dubrovnik?

Weddings in Dubrovnik are very popular. Couples from Croatia, region of Balkan but also from the whole world come into this town to marry in such a romantic place. Dubrovnik is a town at Adriatic Coast and is often called pearl of Adriatic. It surely looks like a pearl, settled on the coast, with historic buildings, especially protection walls that date back to the Middle Ages and today they are UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Nowdays Dubrovnik is recognized as the most prominent touristic destination in the biggest world touristic guides as one of the nicest places not only at Adriatic Coast but in the Mediterranean region. It offers beautiful beaches and stunning views, so planing the wedding in this town is the great step to the new life. The town also has numerous churches where couples can get marry but also many art buildings and restaurants where you can organize great wedding ceremony.

Dubrovnik is a place where the past and the present meet in the mysterious and, most of all, charming ways. The town has been exposed to numerous influences throughout the history and those were human influences (most of all battles and wars) but also nature influences, like strong winds and huge waves from the sea. However, Dubrovnik remained the same, place where your dreams meet with the beautiful nature of the sea and the stones. Most of all, it becomes the place for a wedding of your dreams.

Through the history Dubrovnik has always been the town of poets and poetry. This makes the whole story even more beautiful because – what is more romantic than the wedding in the town where many famous poets were born? All this makes Dubrovnik wedding something that couples in love and their beloved guests will remember for the rest of their lives as one of the nicest events. So, let it be, let the dreams come true!

The sea that sits in front of the Dubrovnik and its beautiful protection walls is like a huge mirror where couples in love will see their great love. It seems like the sea reflects their love and mutual feelings and the sky and clouds above accept the same picture. No wonder that the best Croatian wedding photographers simply adore making photos in this town since this is one of the kind place where the nature, history and married couple’s love form such a beautiful and unique picture!

Wedding in Dubrovnik is a special event and it leaves nothing to a chance. There are numerous people who will work hard to make your special day really – special, in the true meaning of this word. The great idea is to make weekend wedding in Dubrovnik. This way you will have the wedding in one of the most romantic places in the world, and your guests will be able to see one of the touristic most popular town on Mediterranean.

What ever are your reasons for organization of the wedding in Dubrovnik, the truth is it will be the event of your life. You will feel like living your dream for at least couple of days since this is one of the rare places in the world that offers such a romantic and warm feeling. Dubrovnik is like a huge stage where you can be a great star in your wedding story!

This is one of wonderful weddings in Dubrovnik 🙂

S&V from OneDayStudio – Croatia Weddings on Vimeo.