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Weddings in Croatia | Welcome to Croatia! This is the small country in South East Europe, the place where the Mediterranean and the East meets in spectacular ways. Here you have it all – the plains, meadows, mountains, islands, the sea…All you have ever wished for in such a small region, and everything is so close, just a few hours of driving! If you are planing the wedding, why not to consider this country as your dream place for that big day? weddings in croatia_onedaystudio

Croatia has plenty of natural beauties, but also nice hotels and antique buildings that will please all your needs. The country has rich history that you can get to know through old roads, churches, ancient walls and many other buildings. Also, there are countless astonishing places in nature and all of them can be a perfect scenery for the great wedding in Croatia.

Croatia can become a nice place for the wedding since it has so much to offer. For example, on the mainland there are many old castles that can become a nice venue for the romantic wedding. Castles always have some story to be told and they also have romantic rooms, furniture and gardens which surround them. If there were some interesting love stories that  took place in a particular castle, it is certain that you will read about it somewhere. So, maybe the love story from the past times could be a good starting point of the great ideas for your wedding! The region of Slavonia in Croatia is often recognized as a region with rich castles and interesting stories. 


Just to give you an example, the castle Pejačević in Virovitica is the baroque castle settled in the centre of the town and it is very important historical monument, still in excellent condition.  If you just take a quick look of this castle, it will thrill you and captivate your heart. Imagine wedding photographs in front of this castle! The park in front of it is green and with many nice trees and plants which perfectly fit with the old monument. All this can be a great scenery for the perfect wedding in Croatia!


Nevertheless, most people will tell you that recognizable symbol of Croatia is the sea. Croatian part of Adriatic Sea and coast has hundreds of islands and peninsulas (yes, you have just read well – hundreds of them!) so finding the right place for the wedding in Croatia is not a difficult mission. Most places at Croatian part of the Adriatic Coast and on islands are very romantic. Their characteristics are narrow streets, small houses, very close to each other, churches that, like an officer, watch over the whole region, and the great view of the sea. These places also offer the peace that you can not experience anywhere else. Most of seaside places are just perfect scenery for photos and no wonder the best Croatian wedding photographers will choose exactly the place by the sea to take the best photos in their careers.


By the sea there are also cities which can offer you the beauties of nature and also facilities of civilization at the same time. For example, some of the cities on the Croatian coastline are Dubrovnik, Rovinj, Rijeka, Split, Šibenik, Zadar and many others. All these cities have monumental churches which date back in the history and that can become the right place for the romantic wedding in Croatia.


Dubrovnik is worldwide known as the best touristic place in the whole Croatia. It is famous for the Old City walls and the view from walls is something that people remember for the whole life.


Rovinj is famous for the old church with the very high tower. Split is recognizable by old, rocky streets built by Ancient Romans. So, as you can see, each place by the sea has a great potential of becoming your perfect wedding venue! 

It is only up to you where your Croatian fairytale will take place.