Wedding and marriage vows

Wedding Vows


Wedding and marriage vowsWedding vows | One of the most important moments of every wedding, beside saying ‘yes’ and ‘I pronounce you husband and wife’ is certainly wedding vows. It is the moment when a couple, soon to be married, promise to each other what they will give one to another in their marrige and they try to express their love, too. Also, older couples who were married for 30 or even more years, usually decide to renew their wedding vows so they do it to prove their love once again. Altogether, the wedding vows are very popular in western countries and the wedding is not a good wedding without vows which bring tears into the eyes of all the guests.

When we think of wedding vows, one of the questions that interests us the most is: When did people start to practice this tradition? We need to look for the answer really back in the past, in the Roman Empire, in era before Christ. In that old times, people, members of the lower classes, would marry in a way that bride’s father would bring her to the groom and then they would get married by keeping the vow of marriage by mutual consent. So, this was just the beginning of the wedding vows and the oldest written wedding vows can be tracked in the year 1549 and the Book of Common Prayer from England. If a couple wanted to get married, Church of England offered a choice to young couples to tell one another that they will ‘love and cherish’ each other „till death do us apart“.

Wedding vows can be longer or shorter. It is up to you, woman or a man who are getting married, but if you want to keep it interesting, try to make it short and try to express your love in concised but dramatical sentences. Wedding vows are very personal, but you must say them in front of the crowd. They can be traditional, if you marry in a religious way, in a church. In that case there are some specific vows which you can not deviate from. If you opt for a more modern wedding, then you can always use some humorous sentences, jokes and romantic quotes as well as love poems. There are plenty of examples of the vows on the Internet but the best advice we can give you is – just say the wedding vows from your soul and your heart!