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Wedding in Opatija Maša & Marin

Wedding Photography

It has all started around 4 years ago by innocent meeting at one club in Rijeka. Already after a year we realised: that’s it and we moved in together. We shared everything, we were decorating our home step by step and dreaming about everything nice that was expecting us. Next year, accidentaly, somewhere before Chirstmas we bumped into a little abandoned puppy. We agreed immediately: we are taking this cute puppy home, our Luna (later you will see how charming she is)! I am not sure if we’ve found her or she has found us but one thing is sure; it was the best decision we have ever done, it has changed our life in every sense and it enriches it every day.

Somehow, everything went well and then, on our 4th anniversary we got engaged. As you assume, our Luna had the main role at this event too..she carried a ring on her collar and that was the way Marin and Luna made me infinitely happy! Parents from both sides were overwhelmed as well as our godparents. We knew long time ago that this honor will go to our best friends, Petra and Goran. From then, planning, reservations and preparations started…We decided we want our „the day“ celebrate in Opatija, beautiful town near Rijeka. Very soon, the band was solved, decorations, photos and video (here we had no doubt whom we wanted), catering, invitations, lights, bow for Luna and other details were also arranged very soon.The choice of wedding gown and groom’s suit followed. No matter it sounds as a delicate task, when you put on yourself the right thing, you feel light tingling and believe me, you just know it is it! Regarding rings, no dilemma either, we have chosen white gold wedding rings engraved with our fingertips inside – so except in the heart we carry each other on a hand too.

It has all passed in a moment and after all those preparations, wishes and excitment, finally, our unforgettable, June 14, 2014., has arrived. We were afraid of the rain because it was raining whole week but the day was sunny and beautiful as it was telling us: the sun is shinning for you, just relax and enjoy! We avoided some traditions (we were making our own ) so that morning I have kissed my groom for good luck and left our appartment for a make up and hair styling. First part of the celebration started at our place then on a big terrace at Marin’s parents house. After that, all guests started to gather at my parents’ home accompanied by sounds of klapa singers…We left the guests to enjoy on their own for some time while Marin and me went for a shooting with our godparents and One day studio team. We were walking in Opatija, soaking up its magic and smell of the sea, having fun with our godparents, laughing with random passengers while One day studio team has already captured all those moments, totally relaxed and insensible. The most solemn moment followed – the St. Jacob Church, warm speech of the priest, sounds of „You raise me up“ song performed by Dino Antonic and my dad and me walking towards the altar. With a tear in his eye, but proud, he handed me over to Marin and our emotional ceremony has begun. We were pronouncing our vows, Marin cried and all the guests supported him with huge applause. I think we all cried a bit that day, touched, happy, satisfied. After the church, all 140 guests proceeded to amazing green park Angiolina where we toasted with chapagne and then walked to hotel.
We survived first dance (timeless „When a men loves a women“ performed by Davor Radolfi) and we really enjoyed it. We watched all those dear faces of people who surrounded and supported us and we knew there is a night to rembember upon us. Line of dance, fine meals and out of nowhere the midnight has arrived! It was godparents’ turn… their speeches we will remember forever. The whole restaurant was listening to them breathless…they were so wonderful, special, honest,…The wedding cake followed, then fireworks outside with fire heart…bouquet throwing, garter throwing…you know how it goes…and after that, fun, fun and just fun!!! All together, I know it sounds like a cliches, but it really was a dream wedding!


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Now, some time after the wedding has passed, with a smile and proud we turn back on each detail and memory of our unforgettable day. Recently we found out that our little familly will be increased by one more member and we can’t wait to show photos and videos of mummy’s and daddy’s special day to a fruit of this huge love. Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thanks to all who participated and helped us in making come true this special day of ours! Without you, it wouldn’t be the same!

Video from Maša&Marin see HERE
Photos by Danijela