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Wedding in Dubrovnik Nataliya & Lowell

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Wedding in Dubrovnik | Nataliya and Lowell are two spouses who left their mark on the hot stone of the monumental city of Dubrovnik. As the sun was slowly getting down into the sea, in the middle of the city walls, two souls connected into one. Colleagues, mentors, mutual motivators full of support, before all – friends, and today, finally, husband and wife – they decided to give each other their hands in marriage forever in the Dubrovnik wedding venue.

After the initial wonderment of the guests concerning the idea of ​​going all the way to Croatia for a celebration, family of the couple realized the value of unique destination weddings in Dubrovnik. The blend of culture, beauty of environment and Mediterranean climate in the city under the protection of UNESCO truly makes an unprecedented scenery. Dubrovnik weddings have been gathering enamored ones from all over the world for many years, as many have realized that the most important day of their life deserves to be spent in so praised tourist city.

After enjoying the world-renowned Sheraton hotel, the newlyweds to be dressed up and headed to the old town. There is no better moment and place to recall common moments of love than during long romantic walk in Dubrovnik‘s main street Stradun.

But there is a moment we all live for. The moment we step toward the eternal community with the person we recognize as the one we want to grow old with. For Nataliya it was especially emotional because she remembered her late father Alex. As her mother held her hand tightly and led her to the altar, Alex was with them in their hearts, proud that his daughter is stepping towards a trusting man like Lowell.

Nataliya and Lowell said the fateful “yes” in the historic core of a centuries-old town, after which they were crowned with a laurel wreath, as the old Dubrovnik tradition imposes. Dubrovnik wedding planner knows he has succeeded in his efforts around the ceremony when he sees pleased family members and friends smiling and giving standing ovations to the newlyweds.

After the ceremonial formal part, the wedding moved to one of the luxurious Dubrovnik terraces that are characterized by the breathtaking sea view. Nataliya and Lowell celebrated the foundation of their family on the walls of Dubrovnik, under the palm trees and the candle lights, long into the night. The happy couple held a welcoming speech inviting their guests to respect the old Ukrainian tradition. They encouraged their friends to give toasts and to raise their glasses together at any time in honor of a joined future of a husband and wife. The evening continued in a joyful relaxing atmosphere charged with emotions in the rhythm of the music and dance of the guests in front of the untiring eye of Dubrovnik wedding photographer.

Finally, as Lowell’s father emphasized, the essence of weddings are family and friends. And when people who we love gather around us in a place that radiates the serenity and beauty of history such as Dubrovnik, the magic of two joining into one can begin.

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