Vis Croatia - Wedding Circus of Love

Vis Croatia – Wedding Circus of Love

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This Croatian girl and a Colombian boy met while living in London. Rafa was just about to leave for his travels, and Tanja just returned from her’s… It was a twist of fate that placed them both in the same place at the same time, and ignited this close friendship into love.  If you ask them, the connection was formed many lives before, otherwise, how else would you explain that it took Rafa only a few days to ask Tanja to share his journey and the rest of their lifetime with him! Without hesitation, she said yes – and that was it. From that moment they were married at heart, and so they went on a one-year long honey moon before the official wedding. They searched the world to find that little piece of paradise to park their love caravan. And they found it under the Croatian sun, on the magical island of Vis. Their Wedding Circus of Love joined the two families and closest friends from 19 countries around the world, over a beautiful celebration of pure love, that goes beyond any cultural, social or language differences…

Place – Island Vis Croatia

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