Suncani Hvar – sail away to sunset

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Let’s make a quick quiz – which is the sunniest place in Croatia? Hm, hm, hm… It shouldn’t be a hard question since the kids in primary school learn this information very quickly. Yes, well done, it is the island of Hvar! This island is situated off the Dalmatian coast, between islands Korcula, Vis and Brac, it is approximately 68 km long. This is very unusual place. Apart from being the sunniest place in the whole Croatia, it has natural fresh water springs and large fertile coastal plains. The island Hvar is covered with natural pine forests, olive trees, lavender fields and vineyards. It is located at the center of Adriatic sailing routes in Croatia so it has always been an important base for trading, not only in Croatian part of Adriatic Sea but also to and from Italy and all across Mediterranean. Hvar was inhabited in pre historic times and many rulers have changed there during the history – Illyrians, Ancient Greeks, Venetian Empire, Napoleon, Austrian Empire and so on. Each of these cultures have left the impact on the island Hvar, footsteps we can see even today on buildings, architecture, food, drinks…
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There are many nice places at island Hvar and it is actually a hard job to name just a few. However, sometimes we must do this hard work and pick something out of many fairy stories about the island.
So, today we will present Suncani Hvar Hotels. This resort offers many great things for all kind of different tastes. It offers several different hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms and wedding venues. This is leading hotel group on the island of Hvar, and one of the leading hotel groups in the whole Croatia, offering classic and exclusive hotels. Suncani Hvar Hotels could be a great place for your holidays or maybe even wedding or engagement celebration no matter if you are from Croatia or abroad!The resort has several hotels ranging from 2 to 5 stars. Let’s name them – Hotel Adriana is luxury spa oasis and Hvar’s spa boutique hotel. Amfora is grand beach resort, offering cascading pool. Riva is yacht harbour hotel and the trendiest boutique seaside hotel. The Palace Hvar is the hotel with the perfect location and offering the old charm and atmosphere. Hotel Villa Dalmacija has the stunning sea view. Hotel Delfin is a city hotel with the great location and astonishing view to the seaside. And the last but not the least is Hotel Pharos, the ideal place for the summer fun.As we mentioned before, Suncani Hvar Hotels offer wedding venues as well. Since we are experts in wedding photography, this is our field and we can recognize a great wedding spot when we see it. And trust us, we have seen several great wedding venues in Suncani Hvar Hotels. For example – San Marco Terrace at The Palace Hotel. This magnificent terrace is located at the heart of Empress Elisabeth’s Palace. It offers the breeze of history and unforgettable wedding party that you and your guests will always keep in the warmest memory. San Marco Terrace has seating capacity up to 180 pax and reception capacity up to 250 pax, so if you are opting for the big fat Croatian wedding, this is the right place to organize it!But if you have decided for the smaller wedding party, we suggest Butchery & Wine restaurant at Hotel Adriana in Hvar. It offers seating capacity up to 80 pax and reception capacity up to 120 pax and this place is first of all outstanding opportunities for elegant and relaxed wedding party with the view to marina in the centre of Hvar.Don’t worry, there are numerous places for the weddings with 400, 600 or even 800 people in Suncani Hvar Hotels – for example Cascading pool area at Hotel Amfora or Panoramic Terrace at Hotel Amfora. As you can conclude, this Croatian hotel resort offers place for all kind of weddings – small, big, relaxed, elegant, crowded… the decision how many people to invite is up to you, organizers in Suncani Hvar have all other things needed!In the end, let’s not forget meeting facilities. Suncani Hvar has numerous possibilities for business conferences, team buildings, professional gatherings and all other special events. They have the team of hoteliers and other professionals who will help you to organize the best meeting ever. The meeting that will be held in a place surrounded by crystal clean sea and clouded with the frangrances of rosemary, lavender and heather, and hugged with the sunny weather. So, if you have a company, small or big business and need any kind of meetings with your partners, Suncani Hvar Hotels will make you proud with the good organization and splendid background!

This hotel resort in Croatia continuously provides many different special offers all year round, for holidays, weddings, spas, business meetings and so on. No matter what your needs are – just a bit of hedonism in your life or a very serious business gathering, this resort is prepared for all your needs. Stay tuned, get in touch via web site, email or a phone and do not miss great opportunities to become a part of Hvar’s fairy tale! Suncani Hvar Hotels team will help you to sail away to the sunset, to dream and to experience things you haven’t until now. Lend your hand, relax and have a confidence because this is the best place to be, the best thing to do for yourself and all your beloved!