Anah and Jon, Palmizana Hvar Wedding

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Palmizana Wedding ūüôā

One beautiful vintage style wedding day we had pleasure spending with Anah and Jon, this is their love story.

We met one night whilst Jon was DJ-ing at a bar, I had never seen a scratch DJ before and being a little bit drunk was trying to spin his records back! He wasn’t that unimpressed…¬†An hour later he appeared with a tray of black sambuca – an Italian liqueur!¬†He took my number but I heard nothing,¬†It turned out he had the wrong phone number, however, had tracked me down on Facebook and¬†proceded to like my comments and pictures. A few months passed and we didn’t see each other until one night I was going back to the same bar. He was DJ-ing that night! I was with some friends when I spotted him behind the DJ booth.. He was much more handsome than I’d remembered through my beer goggles! We chatted,shared a hug, a little kiss and I went off in to the night again.¬†The next day I woke up feeling different, he was on my mind and he definitely had made an impact¬†on me! We met up two days later and I was dying to see him, From that night on we have been¬†inseparable, I’d never met anyone who was so funny, intelligent, gentle and kind..who loved life¬†and who thinks the best of everyone and everything.¬†Life is so much better and so much more fun with him in it!¬†Four years went by and Jon finally popped the question a few weeks before my 30th birthday.¬†We always said we would get married in one of the two places we loved to be together. Idyllic Palmizana on Hvar island or cosy coniston in the Lake District – our happy places!

We umm-ed and ahh-ed for months, visited both places, visited Hvar for the second time , planned the date, time, venue everything.. and still came back to the U.K. unsure which
destination to go with. In the end, on the way in to work one day, we tossed a coin and there it was,the decision made.. CROATIA! And we never looked back! We put all the wheels in motion, sent invites and set off on the journey of a lifetime Рthree months around south east Asia. Days spent wedding planning on the beach, sending ideas of inspiration over to my parents who put all our hopes and dreams into reality. My dad spending weeks making paper cranes, my mum lovingly crafting bunting, painting picture frames whilst we were having the time of our lives dreaming of what our wedding day could look like.

And it all became a reality on the 22nd September 2014. Our favourite people in the whole wide world gathered in one place ‚Äď the beautiful Palmizana on Hvar island, celebrating, and sharing the best day of our lives!


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Photos by Danijela Shola