The Bride and Groom posing to her wedding photographer in front of the door at Fort George

New York Wedding Photographer

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New York Wedding Photographer | Welcome to a web page of One Day Studio!

We are film and photography wedding studio and we just love our job!
It is great to always be surrounded by happy people and people in love!
Two things are our passions – weddings and photographs. So, if you are thinking to organize wedding, big or small, and wondering how to make memorable photographs as something that will be a great reminder to that life turning event, contact us, guys from Croatian One Day Studio. We like to travel and if you plan to make the wedding in some far, far away corner of this beautiful world – no problem for us, we are coming! We have many experience in shooting weddings all over Croatia but also throughout the world. For example, you must have heard of Dubrovnik – little peace of heaven at Croatian coast? Yes? Good! Because we have made many wonderful wedding photographs there and not just there, in many other places across Croatian part of Adriatic Sea. Take a moment and look through our portfolio, you’ll love it, also check out our wedding movies and tell us your ideas or ask us to make original idea just for you, and we’ll be happy to carry out all.


And how about the wedding in The Big Apple? You probably know this is the synonym for the city of New York. But New York is also the symbol for the great and unusual architecture, and the largest natural harbor in USA, plus the most populous city in this country. So, everything mentioned in the New York context is ‘the most’ and choosing it as a place of your big white wedding is a great thing. The city gives numerous stunning sites for the wedding photographs, there are so many of them, so prepare yourself and choose the nicest for yourself!New York wedding pohotographer_onedaystudio 001 New York wedding pohotographer_onedaystudio 002 New York wedding pohotographer_onedaystudio 003 New York wedding pohotographer_onedaystudio 004 New York wedding pohotographer_onedaystudio 005 New York wedding pohotographer_onedaystudio 006 New York wedding pohotographer_onedaystudio 007 New York wedding pohotographer_onedaystudio 008