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Martinis Marchi, Šolta Wedding

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Martinis Marchi,  Šolta Wedding  | Every morning we wake up sincerely fulfilled with positive energy that this wonderful job charged us with. What makes us feel so fulfilled is the fact that we had a chance to photograph love in almost all parts of our beautiful unique country through our creative work in destination weddings in Croatia.


A special excitement and a glimpse of joy is present in our thoughts each time we are invited to a city we have not been in, especially when it comes to the island. This time we sailed to the island of Šolta where we managed to run away from our everyday life and relax in this small piece of heaven thanks to our work. We were in a small town characteristic by the centuries-old houses made of stone. Those places where you can feel history always have a certain special charm. It was a pleasure to have a walk through this picturesque Mediterranean small town, enjoy a sweet juicy taste of a fig picked directly from the old tree and enjoy the breeze of the fresh salty air. This Šolta wedding is a story of love, emotions, laughter, but above all – a constant presence of pure happiness. The two of them, a blessed enamored couple and their three children, a fruit of their love, beautiful souls full of positive energy. As soon as we met those people we were delighted by the pursuit of happiness and we could hardly wait to turn on the cameras and record everything they had prepared for us. And, believe us, there was a lot! We met the girls while they were preparing in the main room at the very top of the tower of the villa Martinis Marchi. We know, we know – it sounds just like a fairytale. Although everything seems too good to be true, we are witnesses of the magical moments we have experienced with this joyful couple. And we can for sure say that this wedding is just like that – a true fairy tale. In the meantime, the boys were in another part of the villa Martinis Marchi so that their girls could prepare properly without interruptions. As boys are always filled with energy that is accumulated when something big is about to happen, we don’t even have to explain what a mess there was! They’re suits were all over the room. No one even knew which suit belonged to who, but it was just as fun to us as to this dream team of friends. The bride and groom have made every effort to make each of the boys have the same suit whose inner layer was filled with photographs of the couple. We have been through a lot of weddings but we always love seeing innovative and creative ideas – they
certainly say a lot about the couple. On the other side, in the tower, girls were getting ready in a completely opposite situation. They knew the order and, just like in the movies, all of this reminded us of the typical differences between men and women. It was very funny to see this in a real life scenario. In the women’s zone most of the attention was paid to the little bridesmaids. They were actually sisters whose parents are the main characters of this story. They had perfect little dresses and they looked like real princesses. One of our favorite photos is the one of two of them sitting on the ground and looking at their mom’s wedding dress with admiration. A magical scene you probably could never get bored of. Finally the girls were ready, guests were at their places in the Martinis Marchi wedding venue, and the ceremony could officialy begin. I adore seeing a bride and a groom standing in front of the altar with a smile shining on their face while giving mutual consent to spend the rest of the life together. After the ceremony, tears of joy, laughter and the first kiss of the joined two, we took some time and photographed the happy couple. We enjoyed in the role of Šolta wedding photographers while walking down to the sea with them in order to make their memories last forever. We did our job very relaxed and easy thanks to the bride and groom who are, before all, true friends who feel so natural next to each other.

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After that, there was a celebration with guests, dinner and those emotional speeches that made us cry and laugh at the same time. But after all there was a brilliant party at the pool where we enjoyed in the rythm of the music played by the DJ under the light of the reflectors. We We couldn’t  endure not to put our equipment down and relax with this incredible team.
Katy and Daniel, we can not thank you enough for this experience!

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