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Ruth and Muiris Italy Wedding from Dubrovnik Weddings on Vimeo.

Last summer, Ruth and Muiris asked us to film their most important day, their wedding. We met this amazing, crazy in love, couple two years ago, on one of the most popular Croatian locations, Hvar island, where Ruth was one of the adorably dressed maids of honor. This couple was so radiant. Ruth had a certain special glow that simply tells you that she is a woman in love.
One year later we got a chance to become a part of their celebration of love on the hills of Assisi. The wedding took place at this charming little town hidden 66 kilometers away from the heart of Italy, Rome.
Italian weddings certainly are a “dream come true” for couples all over the world. Which is no wonder considering that monumental Mediterranean cities have a special charm which is not easy to resist. Although over the years Toscana weddings have been the most popular choice of young souls, today people tend to explore all parts of unique Italy. Yes, we know… “All roads lead to Rome”, but sometimes the most important thing is that two souls found each other and that they are willing to find their own spot. Their own special little town that is going to become the point of encounter between the two paths. Of the two paths of different souls that will keep on walking in one common road, the road of love, after this meeting.
That Tuesday gave us the sun, rain and wind – almost all seasons, but despite challenging weather conditions it has all ended just the way it has started: fulfilled with happiness, joy and love! Exactly the fact that the day was stormy had so strong impact on the growth of this couple. They realized that through the both, good and the bad, their love is able to overcome any condition or an obstacle. They are a couple that definitely knows how to go through every storm with a smile on their face.
The atmosphere during the celebration among the circle of their closest ones was so heartwarming. We felt like the part of the family being able to feel the sentiments of the family and being able to hear their emotions through their speeches fulfilled with memories and grace. This Italian wedding venue makes people feel relaxed while sitting in a stone tavern, gathered around the table, enjoying the sweets of black wine from the Italian vineyards.
Gathered guests reminded a couple about their beginnings, about days when Muiris was Ruth’s hairdresser. Days when he thought he was out of her league and that they can’t have a future together. Yet one day while looking at her beautiful lips and a shy smile as she sat in his salon he dared to call her on the date. Luckily, because he now holds her hand as he begins a new joint life with her. As Muiris himself said, he is a simple man. He is grateful, above all, to his parents who have taught him to be a good man, a man that he is supposed to be next to his beloved Ruth through their future, till death does their part.

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