Intimate Dubrovnik Wedding

Intimate Dubrovnik Wedding

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Intimate Dubrovnik Wedding | For a very long period of my life I have been asking myself in concern – what if I meet a man of my dreams and it turns out he loves huge classical, traditional weddings? But then after a while, I realized that’s impossible! Guess what, I was right! My dreams about the perfect wedding have always been like this – sea, beach, sun, happiness, relaxation, smiles, no pressure, no obligations, no tradition, no fear, no prejudices… I really, really don’t like statements like: ‘That’s a tradition!’, ‘That’s the way things work!’, ‘That’s the rule’ and ‘Everyone does this, we have to do it, too!’.

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So in the end, we had the smallest wedding possible. Why?

We both wanted a very small wedding. A wedding under the open sky, beautiful sights all over, lots of flowers, many candles.. We’ve been working on this for about half a year. All have been pretty complicated, not only for us, but also for some of our guests. Nevertheless, it was a dream come true and I would like to share it with you.

When it was time to decide on the wedding destination, it was very easy to agree that Dubrovnik is the perfect destination for our wedding story. Why? Simply because.. it is a beautiful town.

This probably sounds cheap, but    it really is one of the most gorgeous places on Earth.

It’s million times more beautiful place to get married than, for example, very popular Maldives. Maldives, like most of the other famous places in the world offer only the white sandy beaches while Dubrovnik offers much much more. You can have your own god mother and god father, not a hotel personnel that will work this assignment for you. In Dubrovnik your wedding is legal, not just a paper signed by the hotel wedding planner which you have to validate someplace else! Don’t know if you knew this before but on Maldives, you can only have your wedding photos taken there, but if you want a valid wedding, you have to do it someplace else!
Don’t get me wrong. We can’t wait to go to Maldives, for our honeymoon! 😉

Our special day started just as an ordinary day would, without the anxiety, early hair do, make up, running around trying to fit the schedule. No, no way! Our wedding day started with a simple breakfast followed by the fun on the beach.

Around 1 pm, the photographer called asking where to meet us. He was very, very surprised and shocked to realize that we’re at the beach, swimming and sunbathing. Yes, that was our plan – to get the photographer who will capture us the way we are, without hours and hours of putting on make up and trying to strike the perfect pose.

From the beginning, we had a really great feeling about the photographers we’ve chosen. They seemed very trustworthy and just the right kind of people for my plan! We finally met at 2:30 pm, after just one simple hotel hairdressing. Make up continued in a room, in front of the cameras. I admit, I was a little nervous back in that moment! The make up artist took too much time for everything and it made me nervous because all I wanted was just a little make up and a natural look. But in the end, she did a great job and I have to congratulate her. Even the strong sun didn’t do any harm to my make up!

Soon my beautiful flowers and my wedding bouquet arrived. What a thrill! Honestly, it was the most beautiful romantic bouquet I have ever seen! Peonies, small roses, house leeks… I adore house leeks, they protect us, they are decorative, in great green color fit perfectly into my pastel bouquet.

And when the time came to put on the most important dress of my life I realized, no woman should marry without the real wedding dress. That dress gives the perfect feeling! When I first saw this one dress made by Mihano Momosa, from Novi Sad, Serbia, I knew right away that one day I want to get married in one of his dresses. The best part is that both of us worked on the perfect dress just for me for the most beautiful day of my life.

Our wedding rings were locked in the padlock, symbolizing padlocks people put on bridges locking their love for each other, for all eternity. Yes, it is exactly what you think! I believe that we will chain our love in Zurich, at the river Limmat, place where my love ask me to marry him. Our wedding rings were designed according to our wishes and hand made only for us by my friend from childhood.

 I fell in love at first sight to the place where we got married, too. When we got there and saw everything ready for the wedding, I cowered. I was stepping slowly with my god mother and then I saw my loved one waiting for me. I will never forget her words on our short path: ‘I will kill you because of this!’ Maybe this sounds funny now, but I knew what she meant because everything was so beautiful, romantic and full of emotions in the air that it was hard to believe we were are actually there. You think you are in the movie and have to make an effort not to cry!
And very soon, we became Mr and Mrs. It is the best feeling, belonging to someone, not by birth, not by blood, not by nature but by your personal choice. Wishing to unselfishly give all you have!
The most beautiful moments in life are usually hard to describe, but I have tried to express all the beauty and emotions. It is almost impossible to find just one word to describe all the emotions and happiness we had. We often want to go back to that day and feel everything all over again.

Wedding place: Terraca Palmi – hotel Excelsior
Dinner: Restaurant Prora – hotel Excelsior
Wedding dress: Mihano Momosa
Wedding suit: cravat, shoes: D&G, Tom Ford, Hugo Boss
Flowers: I decore
Wedding rings: Zlatarna Celje
Photography: One Day Studio
Hair do and make up: Salon of Hotel Dubrovnik Palace
Violin and violoncello: Ani