Honeymoon in Italy


Honeymoon in Italy | Sunny and hospitable Italy is one of the most astonishing countries of Europe. Splendid ancient sights, picturesque architecture, charming landscapes, excellent wine and world-class cuisine attract loving couples from every corner of the globe. Honeymoon in Italy is unforgettable as almost all its cities and regions offer the perfect conditions for love and tenderness.
Beyond any doubt, Venice with its canals and narrow streets is the most romantic city of Italy. Every couple has to experience a gondola ride along the Grand Canal accompanied by the songs of a gondolier.
The candlelit dinners in Rome or Florence and spa treatments in Abano Terme, Saturnia, Viterbo and Ischia will make your honeymoon peculiar.
Tuscany, the most fascinating region of Italy, is the perfect place for a calm repose. Just imagine you and your sweetheart drinking a glass of red wine in one of the region’s cozy towns and admiring endless valleys and fabulous villas at sunset.
The Amalfi Coast is waiting for loving couples who dream about islands, beaches and sun. The sea, white houses, trees with big yellow lemons and breathtaking views of the mountains… Dreams come true!
Newlyweds who desire to combine beach vacation with history can go to Sicily. The remains of Greek civilization and ancient Roman temples astonish and inspire all visitors.
No one will forget a honeymoon which combines sun, see, olive groves, legends and architectural masterpieces.

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