Pregnancy photo shooting in Split

Family and friends photo shooting on vacation in Croatia

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„The best times are always found when friends and family gather round,“ one quote says.

Maybe your apartment is full of inspirational quotes, plants or work papers…But do you see that empty space on your shelves and think of the last holiday you went with your family or friends and how you REALLY miss that perfect picture of your loved ones right there?

Or maybe you even had that happy moment of your amazing vacation captured but somehow your phone or camera died, your little nephew erased it while „not touching your iPhone, or you just forgot where you put your SIM card?

Sure, selfie stick will work if you are sending pictures to your grandparents, but what about family portraits, social media, or photo albums (both real one, and the one on your Facebook profile)?


You get pissed remembering that fantastic profile photo you almost had in front of the most memorable moonlight of your life, but your friend took more of a „let’s get over with this in a second“ picture than the one you imagined?

Well, you probably marked at least two of this situation as accurate, but if you are lucky enough to spend your summer holidays on Dalmatian coast this year, we can say that we have a pretty good solution for you and your vacation squad!

If you would like to have a perfect family photo in front of Pile City Gate, the entrance of Old City of Dubrovnik, or that wonderful sunny moment in Hvar captured forever, or to have that „best crew photo“ before you start partying on Ultra music festival in Split with your friends, you can now book your own vacation photo shooting!

Professional photo shoots are not reserved just for weddings or special occasions, and One Day Studio is proud to offer you an opportunity to have your own vacation photo shooting in one of the three magnificent Croatian destinations: Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Split!



A lot of touristy families and friends recently asked me to have their vacation shoots, and as a photographer in love with my job, I enjoyed capturing their vacation moments in my home country. More than everything, as a proud Croatian, I would be delighted to show you wonderful Dalmatian locations where we will take your vacation pictures!

Yes, all of us often forget how the most precious things we are blessed with in life are free: our family, our friends and the beautiful nature that surrounds us. One Day Studio will make sure that you never forget those moments even when your summer adventure in Croatia is over!

Avoid blurry photos, blinking eyes, lost memories, and reach out to us and arrange your vacation photo shooting. We promise to take you on original sceneries, meeting your crew with Croatian culture and having fun while taking best vacation photos of your life! We are looking forward to seeing you this summer and filling out that empty space on your shelf with the perfect picture of your loved ones! And yes, you can forget your camera, because One Day studio has it all covered!