Engagement shooting on Island Vis

Engagement shooting on Vis Island

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For many people engagement is one of the most important events in their lives. It is as important as the wedding itself so having any kind of memory of it is very heart warming and important. We would be delighted to make as many memories of your engagement as possible. The memories we can create for you are photographs and videos.

There are thousands of great places to celebrate your engagement in, but today we would like to tell you a great story about Vis. It is the farthest inhabited island in Croatia, settled in the large Bay of Saint George and it has a very long history. It was established in the 4th century and for a long time has been the economic center of the area, as well as the military base.

Island was long ruled by Old Greeks and also Republic of Venice. All rulers have left a great mark on the island which can be seen even today and it’s a great scenery for the engagement shooting. The last but not least important fact is that Vis island was once also the most important headquarter of Marshal Josip Broz Tito.

Let’s also say that the Fort George is one of the most recognizable heritages of Vis island. It is settled at the hill close to the town Vis and it was built in 1813 by English army who saw this place as the great strategic spot. Today, this is the place where you can make all kinds of parties; engagement and wedding parties, all kinds of music and art events and even festivals. This is the place where you can enjoy domestic food and drinks, but also the atmosphere which is one of the kind. So, if you are seriously thinking about the place for your engagement party, why not think of Fort George?

We must not forget the Blue Grotto as well. This is the cave located on the small island Biševo, very close to the town Komiža on Vis island. It is one of the most beautiful and recognizable natural spots in Croatia due to glowing blue light which appears at a certain time of the day, usually between 11am and noon. The cave offers great scenery for unforgettable photographs.

Vis island is often described as a small part of heaven. It’s the place you simply must see when you visit Croatia and when you come once it is certain you will wish to come again.

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