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Couples often do not know where to start. Due to the excitement, bride and groom usually focus on all those sweet details which require attention only after solving the key elements that form the basis of any wedding.

ADVICE: The first step is to choose your ideal location, set a date and set the limits of your budget, as well as to decide the type of the ceremony (civil, church or symbolic) you would like to have.



It is very important that both, bride and groom participate in the creation of the concept of the ideal wedding.  You can write down all your wishes and ideas on a piece of paper, and afterwards you should select those which are most important for both of you. It is important to leave some space for the wishes your parents, especially if they are financially participating in your wedding.

ADVICE: Compromise is a key component in balancing the expectations, desires and possibilities.



Be sure you know who is who in the process of planning, organization and coordination of the wedding day. If you have chosen the wedding planner to help you with the wedding, professionals will take care of all the details, you will have time to relax and spend quality time with your guests.

ADVICE: It is hard to organize a destination wedding from abroad. Local wedding planners can save you both time and money especially when it comes to choosing vendors.



Your guests are guests, and we highly advise to engage business professionals for all the services.

ADVICE: Many couples engage friends for certain roles on their wedding day (you have a friend who is a DJ or a friend who can take photos, etc.) and it usually results with disappointment because the guest will not feel as a guest on your wedding and you, on the other hand, will not have a professional person who can fullfil everything what is expected from him/her.



You have chosen a beach for your dream day. Everything is perfect, the sun is shining, palm trees look just perfect – and all of the sudden, it starts raining! And you? Do you have everything ready for the bad weather and unpredictable situations?

ADVICE: Always be sure to have a ready back-up option in case of a bad weather.



It is important to pay attention to the dynamics of the entire event. Music as the basis of each party must be diverse, adapted to the space and to the guests you have invited.

ADVICE:  Make sure to choose a different type of music for the ceremony, cocktail reception and dinner.



Too long program and too many speeches within the formal dinners can have the opposite effect and ‘shut down’ entertainment. Each speech should not be more than 3 minutes long.

ADVICE: Sitting down for too long and having many speeches which last for too long can ‘’kill’’ the party.



You have lots of ideas and inspirations, but do not know how to tie everything together into a unified whole? Create a ‘mood board’ – all the details and ideas put into one place and pay attention that they are compatible.

ADVICE: Design and decoration must be unified with the space where the wedding takes place and your wedding dress, hairstyle, make-up, flowers, cake and all details should be a part of this unified concept.



Be sure to think carefully and define priorities – make sure that your budget is well distributed and that you have enough resources for those elements which are really important to you. Someone’s priority is good photographer, somebody else wants good music, and someone will ignore both of these elements and choose the best food and drinks.

ADVICE: Choose your priorities and stick to them!

Do not forget about each other during the whole process and do not neglect your relationship. Have time to enjoy a romantic dinner, or have fun with your friends … without mentioning the Wedding

You are getting married because you want to celebrate the love you feel for each other. Let this always be your guiding principle. With this in mind, planning your wedding will be a real pleasure!

Dubrovnik Wedding Planner – Yes I Du

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