Destination Wedding Colombia Cartagena

Destination Wedding Colombia | Who says that the lucky girl who caught wedding bouquet would not indeed be the next one to marry? Four years ago, our beautiful Juliana from Colombia, caught Tanja’s bouquet in Vis, where we were celebrating Rafa’s and Tanja’s love which gathered people from all over the world. Juliana had bravely caught her key to happiness and marital life, and here we are, four years later, celebrating the beginning of Juliana’s and Greg’s journey. Their journey, which beings in true love and lights up their steps in life.

Though some might wonder, how the young couple who lives in the city that lies on the river Thames and counts time by the Big Ben, decided to cross half of the world and choose Colombia as a destination to strengthen their love with everlasting vows, to adorn their hands a ring, and connect their souls forever. Weddings in an egsotic Colombia, especially for a couple as Julian and Greg are, whose love can be felt in the air, are the absolute hit for all couples ready to sail into ocean of life. For all of those who crave to pronounce the most important two words in a warm climate, filled with sun, sea, positive energy, music and of course Spanish dance, that truly celebrates love in the most passionate way.
Among the pearls of the Colombian wedding venues, the newlyweds have chosen Cartagena, a fairy-tale hidden in the Carribean coast region. The Colombian archaeological port city sunbathes under more than 1000 hours of southern sun per year. The city that lies by the crystal sea is enriched with square and colorful cities filled with unique history, and sandy shores indeed take your breath away. It is worth mentioning that Cartagena’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and that the magic of Cartagena wedding venues invites future spouses to walk into their lives through Colombian’s streets. Our wedding video is here to forward you that wonderful invitation.
Among history, tourism, gastronomy, and impressive architecture, Colombian dance tradition offer a unique experience for weddings, so it is not surprising that Juliana and Greg decided to dance into their love adventure by the rhythm of Colombian nights. Bambuco, Cumbia, Vallenato and of course Salsa are only some of the traditional dances that held guests on their feet with a smile on their faces until morning. The bride has introduced Colombian rhythms to her husband, who indeed showed his skills on the floor, a dancing moves embellished with a stolen kiss to his dancing queen Juliana.
Together with the dance and happiness, Colombian wedding venues offer both modest traditional churches and stunning cathedrals that are truly a valuable place to internally connect two souls. Family and friends gathered in the beautiful church contributed with their happiness and support for the couple and filled the modest space with love and spirit of joy.
The smile of Juliana’s and Greg’s daughter also contributed to the joyful atmosphere. She wore a special, white dress for her parent’s wedding, and another blessed child hidden beneath Julliana’s stunning wedding dress dreamt of the day when it will meet their family. Couple’s vows were accompanied with an applause and happiness, after which Juliana and Greg, as a real princess and prince, jumped into the carriage and trotted through Colombian colorful streets and set off to an evening of their lives.
The celebration began with Greg’s speech of thankfulness and true happiness that all of their friends and family came to celebrate their love while glorifying all the joy that life provides.
A cheerful couple did their first dance in their own special style, and the light that was hiding between palms and white flowers lightened their dancing steps. Delicately decorated tables and dynamic music made glorious Colombian wedding venue even more astonishing. Gradation of dance moves went from romantic, through traditional ones enriched by Colombian dancers, to modern dances accompanied by the disco ball, wrapped up a memorable, tropical wedding. We will not lie to you, it is not just the dance that heated the night, but also the tequila sunrise that was indeed sipped up until sunrise.
Juliana has thrown her white flowers, and we hope, forward „bouquet fortune“ to a lovely friend whose wedding we will hopefully capture as we did for Juliana and Greg. Love is truly unpredictable, and it is also unpredictable which destination will the new bride choose to start her love journey, but we definitely vote for Colombia!
I was indeed honored to attend Julliana’s and Greg’s wedding as a wedding photographer, and I hope this wedding video will give you at least a bit of the atmosphere of a wonderful wedding experience and to invite you to celebrate your love in unforgettable Colombia!

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