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Big Fat Croatian wedding – why?

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We all know the comedy movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ that conquered all world theaters
and put smiles on many faces. Even though some people say they want a small decent
wedding, deep down in their hearts they actually dream of the big, white, traditional and, we
may say, fat wedding (fat meaning the wedding with lots of nice and tasty foods). So, how
about a big fat Croatian wedding? If you have never heard of Croatia seat back, relax and keep

 croatian wedding

Croatia is the newest star on the European Union flag. This is a small country with big
potential, mostly in natural and historical resources. This is the country with one of the richest
water sources in Europe but also in the world and it’s most famous for its beautiful coastline on the
Adriatic Sea. Many people say it is one of the most beautiful seas in the world!
Besides the blue sea,  there are also thousands (yeah, you read well – thousands!) of islands, islets
and peninsulas and this is what makes the whole Croatian Adriatic story so special.

 One of the Croatian treasure destinations is widely known town of Dubrovnik.
It is settled in the south of Croatia, close to the Montenegro border. Dubrovnik is recognized by
the medieval walls and is named one of the ten most beautiful medieval cities in the world.
Apart from the walls, this town has numerous churches, narrow streets, restaurants and other
remarkable old constructions where you could have your ‘big fat Croatian wedding’. It is also good
to mention that Dubrovnik is one of the top touristic destinations in the world and its second
name is ‘Croatian Athens’!
But, Dubrovnik is not the only pearl Croatia can offer. There are many other places that can
easily take your breath away and make you to consider having your wedding ceremony exactly there!
Just to name a few – town of Rovinj, island of Hvar (the sunniest place in Croatia!), town of
Split, Zadar, Šibenik… All of this places offer beautiful nature, most of all clean, crystal blue
see, and also old churches, narrow streets, good food… what else do you need for a great
But it’s not only the coast that Croatia can offer. It also has mountainous regions and flat
areas.  Lika is mountainous region and can be very romantic durring winter, with a lot of
snow covering many nice old weekend cottages. On the other side is flat area called Slavonia.
Huge green meadows, many rivers and grain fields, numerous medieval churches and
castles is what you first notice.
Perhaps, one of the places inland could be a prefect place for your wedding!
Apart from the beautiful regions of Croatia, this country offers memorable culinary
experience, too. One of many secrets to great Croatian food are top-notch ingredients from the land
and sea. Sea food is very popular on the coastline and the tastes you feel there will
surely make you come again for more. On the continental part of the country very
popular meals are made of meat, beans and potatoes prepared the traditional way.
Many would agree that Croatia’s untouched natural beauty, healthy food, water, medival
architechture, warm, pleasent and hospitable people make it the perfect wedding destination!
So why not have a ‘big fat Croatian wedding’?!