February 16 2016

This is a short wedding teaser about Claire and Alan on beautiful Island of Vis, Croatia

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February 10 2016

FIRST THINGS FIRST Couples often do not know where to start. Due to the excitement, bride and groom usually focus on all those sweet details which require attention only after solving the key elements that form the basis of any wedding. ADVICE: The first step is to choose your ideal location, set a date and set the limits of your budget, as well as to decide the type of the ceremony (civil, church or symbolic) you would like to have.   COMPROMISE It is very important that both, bride and groom participate in the creation of the concept of the ideal wedding.  You can write down all your wishes and ideas on a piece of paper, and afterwards you should select those which are most important for both of y

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January 03 2016

Croatia Wedding Photography | Here is a small section of photographs shot in 2015. We have visited all the most beautiful locations in Croatia again and have climbed up the far north - the beautiful land of Island. This year, 2016., will be even more exciting. First what awaits us is Thailand, then Hong Kong – China and a few other Southeast locations.                                                                                                                                                                 

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January 02 2016

  Eva and Greg Dubrovnik Wedding | Eva and Greg  met thousands of miles away from one other.  They spent time over the period of a year simply writing and exchanging thoughts on everything from mediocre importance like favorite foods and the news or of monumental importance like kids and religion.   Their words and their conversations turned into something more.  This courtship separated by countless miles became commitment.  A commitment from Greg to travel to Germany and a commitment from Eva to risk everything on this lumbering monster of a man. (lol) The first time they met in Germany during most would say the surroundings were unfit to stoke the fires of everlasting love.  Words like cold, harsh,

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November 29 2015

     Met in Austria, Engaged on the Cook Islands and Got Married in Croatia   I know it may sound weird that two soulmates can meet in a night club at a trance party, where usually no one talks to each other, but it really is possible. Exactly these two weird soulmates are now the happiest Mr and Mrs on the whole planet…or, we love to believe we are. Back in 2010, even 6 months after I (Fatime) had moved from Bosnia to an Austrian village as au pair, my host family was still trying to motivate me to go out on my own. After so many failed tries, on the 14.8.2010, I finally decided to take the last train from the country side to Vienna and to return back with the first one in the morning. I went to my favori

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August 27 2015

Amazing Iceland from the air 4K. After 3.500 km of driving on asphalt, gravel and dirt roads, after numerous tasteless coffees and top Icelandic specialties, after very friendly people and fearless animals, we can only say one thing ... we're definitely coming back to Island!.In spite of strong winds which are very common here, we have managed to film this extraordinary locations and show you just a small part of beauty this land has to offer. Filmed by Zvonimir Kusec Location : Iceland Filmed with DJI Phantom 3  Music by Jose Gonzalez-Quintessence  

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July 12 2015

Croatian seaside is getting more and more popular, not only in Europe but also across the world. Europeans discovered it many decades ago and most of them return to spend their vacation here every summer, but last couple of years the romantic side of Croatian coastline came under a spotlight. These days many couples in love choose Croatia for their wedding destination and honeymoon.Split has long been under the Roman Empire and the emperor Diocletian. He liked the city so much that in the turn of the fourth century he made a palace there. The palace is still very nicely preserved and millions of tourists come visit it every year. It could be a great scenery for the engagement, wedding or honeymoon photographs.Besides Diocl

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June 14 2015

It has all started around 4 years ago by innocent meeting at one club in Rijeka. Already after a year we realised: that's it and we moved in together. We shared everything, we were decorating our home step by step and dreaming about everything nice that was expecting us. Next year, accidentaly, somewhere before Chirstmas we bumped into a little abandoned puppy. We agreed immediately: we are taking this cute puppy home, our Luna (later you will see how charming she is)! I am not sure if we've found her or she has found us but one thing is sure; it was the best decision we have ever done, it has changed our life in every sense and it enriches it every day. Somehow, everything went well and then, on our 4th anniversary we

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May 06 2015

Let's make a quick quiz – which is the sunniest place in Croatia? Hm, hm, hm… It shouldn't be a hard question since the kids in primary school learn this information very quickly. Yes, well done, it is the island of Hvar! This island is situated off the Dalmatian coast, between islands Korcula, Vis and Brac, it is approximately 68 km long. This is very unusual place. Apart from being the sunniest place in the whole Croatia, it has natural fresh water springs and large fertile coastal plains. The island Hvar is covered with natural pine forests, olive trees, lavender fields and vineyards. It is located at the center of Adriatic sailing routes in Croatia so it has always been an important base for trading, not only in Cro

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March 05 2015

Engagement shooting on Vis Island  For many people engagement is one of the most important events in their lives. It is as important as the wedding itself so having any kind of memory of it is very heart warming and important. We would be delighted to make as many memories of your engagement as possible. The memories we can create for you are photographs and videos. There are thousands of great places to celebrate your engagement in, but today we would like to tell you a great story about Vis. It is the farthest inhabited island in Croatia, settled in the large Bay of Saint George and it has a very long history. It was established in the 4th century and for a long time has been the economic center of the

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