August 27 2015

Amazing Iceland from the air 4K. After 3.500 km of driving on asphalt, gravel and dirt roads, after numerous tasteless coffees and top Icelandic specialties, after very friendly people and fearless animals, we can only say one thing ... we're definitely coming back to Island!.In spite of strong winds which are very common here, we have managed to film this extraordinary locations and show you just a small part of beauty this land has to offer. Filmed by Zvonimir Kusec Location :...

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July 12 2015

Croatian seaside is getting more and more popular, not only in Europe but also across the world. Europeans discovered it many decades ago and most of them return to spend their vacation here every summer, but last couple of years the romantic side of Croatian coastline came under a spotlight. These days many couples in love choose Croatia for their wedding destination and honeymoon.Split has long been under the Roman Empire and the emperor Diocletian. He liked the city so much that in the turn...

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May 06 2015

Let's make a quick quiz – which is the sunniest place in Croatia? Hm, hm, hm… It shouldn't be a hard question since the kids in primary school learn this information very quickly. Yes, well done, it is the island of Hvar! This island is situated off the Dalmatian coast, between islands Korcula, Vis and Brac, it is approximately 68 km long. This is very unusual place. Apart from being the sunniest place in the whole Croatia, it has natural fresh water springs and large fertile coastal...

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March 05 2015

Engagement shooting on Vis Island  For many people engagement is one of the most important events in their lives. It is as important as the wedding itself so having any kind of memory of it is very heart warming and important. We would be delighted to make as many memories of your engagement as possible. The memories we can create for you are photographs and videos. There are thousands of great places to celebrate your engagement in, but today we would like to tell you a...

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February 25 2015

Short history of the wedding photography Wedding photography is the form of photography related to weddings. It usually covers events a few hours (sometimes even few days) before the couple gets married and the ceremony itself, from the beginning until the very end. The art of the wedding photography evolved since the invention of the first permanent photograph in 1826 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. Actually, the first official wedding photograph in the world might be from the wedding of...

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February 11 2015

Trajbar Vjenčanja | mjesto za slavlja i odmor Cijela priča oko tima Trajbar započela je kao konjički klub još davne 1996. godine. Originalnog naziva Konjički klub Trajbar Team, smješten je u prekrasnoj prirodi u samoj blizini Zagreba, točnije u Zaprešiću, svega tri kilometra od centra grada. Sve ovo dovelo je do toga da se spoji nekoliko ljubavi u jednu – ljubav prema konjima, ljubav prema prirodi, ljubav prema zdravom životu te ljubav prema dobroj hrani i svečanostima sa stilom,...

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January 18 2015

Intimate Dubrovnik Wedding | For a very long period of my life I have been asking myself in concern – what if I meet a man of my dreams and it turns out he loves huge classical, traditional weddings? But then after a while, I realized that's impossible! Guess what, I was right! My dreams about the perfect wedding have always been like this – sea, beach, sun, happiness, relaxation, smiles, no pressure, no obligations, no tradition, no fear, no prejudices… I really, really don't like...

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January 16 2015

  We all know the comedy movie 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' that conquered all world theaters and put smiles on many faces. Even though some people say they want a small decent wedding, deep down in their hearts they actually dream of the big, white, traditional and, we may say, fat wedding (fat meaning the wedding with lots of nice and tasty foods). So, how about a big fat Croatian wedding? If you have never heard of Croatia seat back, relax and keep reading! Big Fat Croatian wedding ...

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January 06 2015

Have you ever been to Palmizana? It's real heaven on earth! Perfect for small intimate weddings. Our Anah & Jon recognized its worth and organized one fabulous wedding party which threw all their guests of their feet!  We dedicate this 15 minute movie to all of you out there who are searching for something different. Not long ago we have received Anah and Jon's call from United Kingdom honoring us with the kindest words about our work and expressing their desire we spend the most...

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